Friday, February 3, 2012

Frugal February Update

I faced my first shopping temptation on the first day of February. I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed at a makeup counter at the mall (Totally legal - no items were purchased. If anything, I was decluttering eyebrow hairs).

My appointments are scheduled for an hour after I get off work, so I usually have about 30-45 minutes to browse while I wait...for my brows (heheh).

Knowing that I couldn't buy anything this time, I decided to bring a book with me to read in the car instead of walking around the mall.

It was kind of scary! I parked at the top of the parking structure and every time a car drove by, my whole car shook! And then my brakes would creak. It was a long wait.

When it was finally time for my appointment, I walked inside the entrance doors and passed a huge sign in a store window that said:

I Like Money Where I Can See It.
Hanging In My Closet.

How friggin weird is that slogan? 

I like my money in the bank. Where it belongs. And if I need to pay bills, I can use it. 

The sign definitely helped squash my urge to shop though, and I escaped the mall without a thing. 

Frugal February Items Wanted: 0
Total Money Saved: $0.00