Monday, January 7, 2013

They're Baaaack!!

They're Baaaack! Can you hear the creepy little voice that goes along with that. Well I hope so!!

Stop giving me the stink eye and sending over mean telepathic messages, I can hear you! I know, I know, your sad we were gone for so long. I am very and truly sorry for being so far behind on my blogging but here is the good news Lilly is back. Bella on the other may take a while before she posts anything, she has major writers block. I had decided to simplify my life by taking a break from blogging, I think it became kind a task that we had to finish and thus did not make life simpler, more like another thing to add to the list. We were also both going through some life engaging activities (so to speak) that required our full attention. Yes, you got it right there was freaky poltergeist drama that kept on our toes.

The good thing about being gone was I learned something about myself. One I learned that Lilly love her some Spike! Two, I made a direct connection between blogging and myself. Mainly I saw that it really affected my emotions, my attitude, and my motivation. I have always been a writer at heart, someone who journals their gratitude, who enjoys having the outlet of writing a letter to my husband rather then a discussion. During the time that I was not blogging I also stopped my journal. I just realized because I no longer had any outlet to filter through my emotions and thoughts I was becoming A LOT more frustrated, easily upset, and easily discouraged. This is where the Spike lovin' comes in...Spike was wonderful enough to remind me when I was getting a little carried away and pointed out that it seemed to be more frequent. I was doing really well for so long and what changed? I do not want to be that person, I want to be the person who thinks things through first and is then able to approach life's "engaging activities" with dignity and grace like any real Princess would. That is when it hit me like a little girl attached to a static filled TV, I needed another outlet for my visions as I like to call them.

So there it is, I am back and I missed all 6 of you! Tell your friends but not too many...again we are trying to stay away from the Paparazzi.