Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Holiday Decluttering Session

As I mentioned previously, I like to declutter before Christmas to make room for all of my new gifts. Here is what I'm decluttering today:

1 Christmas tree stand - our tree trunk was too big to fit in it this year, despite my husband and brother-in-law's attempts to modify it.

1 Purse tag - I bought a new purse and it came with a big, clunky label tag which I have no use for, so it's getting donated.

1 Purse - In following the "One in, one out" rule, I'm decluttering my old purse to make room for my new purse.

1 Strand of broken Christmas tree lights - to be recycled at the next e-waste event.

1 Broken MP3 player and it's computer cord and head phones - Hubby got me a new one for my birthday =)

2 Pairs of Socks - I'm trying to dress more professional for work these days, so no more holiday socks.

1 Christmas Stocking - My friend and I used to give each other stockings for Christmas every year, but this year we decided to take ourselves out to a delicious, vegan restaurant that we both love instead. Good company + good food = Awesome gift!

1 Book - This book will be donated to the library for others to enjoy.

2 Herb Containers - These are remnants of my obsession with decorating my apartment with European things. I'm over it.

1 Shirt - I used to have a closet full of black shirts for when I was required to wear them for my spa job. I haven't worked at the spa in almost two years now...

1 Pair of Jeans - These jeans make my butt look huge. Not a good look for me.

Now that my holiday decluttering is done, let the Christmas festivities begin! 

Happy Holidays!