Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Pre-Santa Cleanup

Every year around the holidays I get some much needed time off - two weeks to be exact. At first I thought I would spend the entire time doing "Holiday Things" with my kids, but then it hit me that what I really needed to do is clean up and get organized. A little winter cleaning, if you will, BEFORE Santa brings all of those new and wonderful presents. I thought it would be the perfect time to organize and wrap presents without children. Did you hear me say without children? That's right, I made the decision to drop the kids off at Daycare for a couple days while I got the house in order.

In the past we did not have a childcare system in place. My husband stayed home with the kids while I was at work, and then when I was home, it was his time off. So the kids and I would enjoy our time together and nothing would get done.

We all know that when kids are around productivity decreases. It is extremely difficult to try and organize or clean something when you are busy separating arguments, making sandwiches, or kissing boo boos. Obviously, if I was going to get things done, I would need to remove the kids from the situation.

Bringing the kids to daycare simplifies life in a few very important ways, leading to less frustration, more time, and a happy Mama.

Reasons For Bringing My Kids to Daycare:

1. I will not have to hide when I wrap presents, I can take my time, and I can spread things out.

2. I will get more housework done in less time.

3. The children will not be scolded every half hour because they are bored, and being bored turns into an episode of siblings gone wild.

4. The children will not be here to make another mess while I am cleaning, have a debate about whether or not they still play with a toy they received three Christmases ago, or have a dramatic breakdown about why they cannot help clean.

5. When the children are home for the rest of the two weeks I will be PRESENT with them because all other obligations will have been completed and my heart will be focused on making this a special time together.

The kids complained a little about going to Daycare and I did receive a few remarks about how it was unfair to them, but as a parent who works full time I know that my time with my kids is limited. So if I have to sacrifice two or three days of their two weeks off so that they can have the best mommy possible when they do have me, IT IS WORTH IT.