Monday, December 12, 2011

And the journey begins...

My name is Lilly. I am a wife, mother, and lover of all things simplified. My journey began in August 2006. I was sitting at work feeling tired and pregnant, staring at my fat feet, eager to get home to my son. I started to think about how the house was a mess, my bills needed to get paid, my friends wanted me to go to dinner, my son wanted to go to the park, I hadn’t talk to my family in weeks, and all I wanted to do was sit with my little guy and read a book. I thought, "This cannot be it...This cannot be the rest of my life!" I started to dread the weekends filled with birthday parties, chores, volunteer activities, and the constant amount of stuff that we were accumulating every time we left the house. Before I went into complete pregnant hysterics, I succumbed to my last resort - I decided to read a book that my Mom had given me after my son was born; it was called Living the Simple Life. Between that amazingly awesome book (no payment was received for that comment, it really is that good) and articles on the Fly Lady website and the Fly Lady book (oh yes she is Fly), I was on the road to finding joy in owning fewer things, a cleaner house, and a life I would soon enjoy.

I excitedly started to tell everyone I knew about the changes I was making because I really wanted a buddy to do it with. I had few takers, in fact only one. I tried to convince Bella, but at that time she was involved in something else…Ah yes, it was becoming vegan. So she wasn’t immediately interested because she was already busy. At the same time Bella wanted me to join her on the Vegan Voyage, but unfortunately I had to decline because OF COURSE that would not simplify my life (Good excuse, right?).

After Bella's complete transformation into veganism we joined forces. A few years later Bella and I are still on this path together. I am not a decluttering maniac, I don’t throw our children’s artwork in the garbage, nor do I keep EVERYTHING given to us. I do really enjoy watching, helping, and being that pushy friend who tells everyone else about how they too can find joy by doing less, having less, and buying less. Ok so that is a little obsessive, but whatever works?!

We are still a work in progress with much to do but can’t wait to share our journey with all of you.