Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why Simplify?

Like many of you, when I think about trying to simplify my life, it makes me shiver; maybe even gag a little. Not because the end result isn’t rewarding, but because the road getting there can be long and windy, and windy roads make me car sick. The thought of change can be overwhelming. I think, "I can't fit anything else in my schedule, how am I going to have time to start a life overhaul?!?"

So I sit back, take a deep breath, let the nauseating feeling of stress remove itself from my body, and remind myself about all of the benefits of simplifying:

By simplifying, I will be able to spend more time doing things I want to do (study languages with my children, travel, garden, the list goes on) and less time doing the things I'm obligated to do (go to another meeting, birthday party for an acquaintance, clean the house, shop for a present for a child who will be receiving 30 more, and this list goes on and on and on)

By simplifying, I will be able to find what I need when I need it, not two weeks later (I really would like to know where all of my son’s sweatshirts are.).

By simplifying, goals will no longer be goals, but achievements.

By simplifying, tired and busy will be something that went out with the 80’s and died there.

By simplifying my home life, I allow room for the things that are most important to ME, to flourish. ;)

By Simplifying, I will have time to take a shower in the morning, put on lotion, fix my hair, wear clothes that have been washed (and put away), and find my purse without thinking there is no time for myself and I must get the kids' stuff together.

By simplifying, money stays in the bank account.

By simplifying, I get a calm family and yes, these will be the same blood relatives who currently live with me.

By simplifying, I will have time to breathe fresh air, not 5pm traffic exhaust.

By simplifying, I do not have to hang out with people whose conversation puts me into a deep “I have no idea what you are talking about” coma.

By simplifying, I will have more time to spend with my husband and children.

The reasons for saying yes to simplifying are, as my son would say, a billion quadrillion and one.

Still not convinced? What do you have to lose?

If things in your life are good, then there is room for great. If things are not so good, well let’s keep it real, things need to get better.

What do you get if you play a country song backwards?

You get your life back.

Now the question is, do you want your life back?